Troubled Teen

Teens and Electronic Devices

The long term effects of Social Media are still relatively unknown. There are studies being done but there is insufficient data to have conclusive results. One family was having extreme difficulties with their 7 year old. He was raised with an iPhone or iPad in front of him for every meal. It seemed to calm him and most importantly keep him quiet while he was eating. The child struggled with fits of rage, and seemed to fly off the handle with the least degree of correction or conflict. The parents read a book about the influences of electronic devices and decided to remove all access to electronic devices and videos. The results were amazing. In the short period of two weeks after removal of electronics the child showed a marked improvement.

Teens and Social Media

In a word where our youth expect everything NOW, it can be difficult to help them learn patience. As a teen growing up in the 70’s we always wondered what people were thinking about us, (maybe even a little too much). With Social Media weighing a teens every behavior, weakness, and flaw in real time, the results can be devastating. Back in the 70’s we may never find out what people were thinking or saying about us. In todays world the teens social life is under a magnifying glass, and immediately on display for the whole world to see. It can be pretty harsh, and even destructive to the teens self image.

Teens and Cell Phones

Many children have grown up with a cell phone in their hands. They start off with a toy phone, move into something basic, and then graduate to a smart phone. Peer pressure pushes every teen and parent into the cell phone world. It can be rationalized that a teen needs a phone so they can get a ride home, or check in with parents as the move from location to location. Unfortunately the device not only connect them with their parents, but potentially negative resources as well. Negative friends, are just a text or phone call away. Some schools have tried to step up efforts to keep teens from using their cell phones during school. This has virtually failed in most locations. If a parent decides to make an extreme move and take the phone away, they are accused of abusing the teen.

Cell Phones and Porn

Let’s face it, pornography is ravaging our country and our youth. The temptation to see lurid graphic images is available 24-7 for teens, or anyone, for that matter, that may have any inclination toward viewing them. Bombarded with these images, the teen is bound to learn negative behavior toward the opposite sex. Pornography by nature degrades, and lowers the value of womanhood. There are some safeguards available to help parents block these types of images from their teen. The reality is, most teens are technologically more adept than their parents. They can usually find a way around the filters and monitoring parents are using.